Andina is committed to present the most luxurious garments made of the highest quality fibers, since 1983. Andina specializes in the finest fibers in the world which is Vicuna and Premium graded Cashmere.


Scarves, Shawls, Capes, Accessories and Garments of Vicuna, Guanaco and Royal Alpaca are specially made in Peru. Andina is a contemporary luxury fashion brand, blending ancient and modern together to create luxurious woven accessories that are sold throughout the world.


Andina continues the ancient legacy of the techniques handed down in Peru, as far back as 1,200-1,400 AD where the early Pre-Columbian Cultures produced incredible textiles. The Inca Empire, from early 13th Century to 1533 reserved the finest garments made of Royal Alpaca, Guanaco and Vicuna for the elite royalty.


The Andina collection consists of only the finest, natural garments that are extraordinarily pleasant to the touch and the skin. Andina supports and funds charitable institutions through donations and fundraising events to help the needy in hospices, retirement homes, abused women centers and professional small business counseling in Northern Peru.